Friday, October 24, 2014

Class -- Pixelovely + Ironwood Wolves


  1. The bowing pose on the third page is adorable! I really like the way you handled the wolves' anatomy, and brought your own style into their expressions and movements. Although I love seeing the construction lines underneath the finals, I would be wary of letting things get too scribbly - the back end of the wolf on the second page gets a little unclear and murky. Other than that, great job on the wolves! And, as always, your costumes on the Pixelovely sketches are amazing!

  2. But Rachel! I love the scribbly! lol. You understand the shape of wolves so much more than me. Great flow as always. And I hate to lose the beautiful under drawing, but maybe you should try having less of it. It looks like you spend a good bit of time on the under part.