Friday, September 5, 2014

Class -- Pixelovely Figures + Animals


  1. I love the flow of your sketches. Everything looks so natural. lol I love how in the third picture the swooping of the girls' hair is connecting. Can we still upload pictures from class time? I thought that was only for the first week and then we were post to upload stuff from when we wandered? Ignoreeeee meeee!

    1. Thank you, Lizzie! I'm just uploading work from class today so I don't have a sure answer for question. :( Sorry about that!

  2. Your drawings this week so great character personality! I see a lot of improvement from last week to this week. The drawings each capture a different persona/attitude. I believe your best one is the woman in the hammock on the first page. She feels like a character and not just a drawing.

  3. These sketches are awesome! I remember looking over during class and seeing that lion cub. You have a great sense of character in all of your animal drawings. I really like your treatment of the human gestures as well! Going forward I think you should continue to exaggerate your gestures and to add more detail into the human characterization in the face.